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     Eric Bouler is the Condo Sales and Listing Specialist. Tom is the Rental Expert for Landlords and People looking to rent.  We can easily set you up to see all the new listing that meet your criteria on a daily or weekly basis. Just need to know Price Range, Bedrooms,Style and Location where you want to look. Parking and Amenties will also narrow it down. We can easily get you the top three units that meet your criteria.


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THe Cotton Mill Condos in New Orleans Warehouse District Federal Fibre Mills Condos in New Orleans The Bakery Condos in New Orleans at 1111 South Peters

"The Cotton Mill Condos Search"

920 Poeyfarre Street

"The Federal Fibre Mills Search"

1107 S. Peters Street.

"The Bakery Condos Search"

1111 S. Peters Street.

700 South Peters Condos in New Orleans 711 South Peters,The Refinery Condos in New Orleans Warehouse District

"The Paragon Condos Search"

900 South Peters Street.

"The 700 S. Peters Condos Search"

700 South. Peters Street.


"The Refinery Condos Search"

711 S. Peters Street.


The Rotundra Condos at 330 Julia Street Julia Place Condos at 333 Julia Street,New Orleans 70130 The Lofts at 402 Julia Street, New Orleans Warehouse District

"The Rotunda Condos Search"

330 Julia Street

"Julia Place Condos Search"

333 Julia Street

"The Lofts Condos Search"

402 Julia Street

Gallery Row Condos at 448 Julia Street in Warehouse District 760 Magazine Street,Magazine Place Condos in New Orleans 835 Julia Street Condos, New Orleans Warehouse District

"Gallery Row Condos Search"

448 Julia Street

"Magazine Place Condos Search"

760 Magazine Street, Corner Julia

835 Julia Street Condos Search

835 Julia Street,Corner Barone

Mills Row Condos at 650 John Churchill Chase in New Orleans Union Lofts at 334 Crondolet Rooftop Pool at 700 South Peters Condos in New Orleans Warehouse District

Mills Row Condos Search

450 John Churchill Chase

"Union Lofts Condo Search"

CBD, 334 Carondolet St.

"Krauss Condos Search"

1201 Canal Street

625 St. Charles Avenue Condos in Warehouse District One River Place Condos on the Mississippi River in Warehouse District 425 Notre Dame Condos in Warehouse District

625 St. Charles Avenue Condos Search

625 St. Charles, Lafayette Square

"One River Place, On The River Search"

600 Port of New Orleans

"425 Notre Dame Condo Search"

425 Notre Dame