The Garden District Neighborhood of New Orleans. Walk the neighborhood to see homes,condos and lifestyles.

Garden District Gardens in New Orleans

New Orleans Garden District

Historic Homes and More

      The New Orleans Garden District was once a number of plantations that was divided up into large lots with large homes in the early 1800's. The neighborhood was settled by English speaking residents who did not wish to live in the French Quarter. It was known as the City of Lafayette in 1833 and became part of New Orleans in 1852. Later these large lots were divided up into smaller lots. That is why you see a variety of styles in the area. The homes were built over a long period as lots were divided.

Homes in the New Orleans Garden District

Garden District Home with large side yard

Large yards in the Garden District

The Side Yard with guest house and stables

Garden Distric Homes in New Orleans

Mansions in the Garden District, So Many Details

Jackson Ave. in Garden District

Jackson Avenue, Now an Events Venue...Once Soule' Business College

Hew Orleans Garden District,Homes and Condos

Behind the Gates, You have to walk the neighborhood to see the most...

Large Yards in Garden District

Garden District Doubles in New Orleans

Double on Eighth Street

Garden District Cottages

One of Seven Cottages on Coliseum Street

Small Garden District Homes in New Orleans

Garden District Homes in New Orleans

Large Garden District Yards in New Orleans

Sandra Bullock's Second Home in New Orleans

Garden District Home on 3rd Street in New Orrleans