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   One of my favorite walks in the city of New Orleans is down Desoto Street from Bayou St. John in the Esplanade Ridge area of Mid City. What you really notice are the colorful historic homes with even more colorful yards. The neighborhood comes alive with all the flowering and colorful plants.  It is almost like it's a competition as to see who can have the most colorful yard. The yards are a decent size in the area which give people more room to work with.

      It is an easy walk to Esplanade Avenue where you can find any number of resteraunts. There are early homes on Bayou St. John as it was a Bayou used by fur traders to bring their goods between Lake Pontchartrain and New Orleans.  They tend to look like small plantations.

    You can walk to City Park and take the Canal/City Park streetcar back to town. The Fairgrounds Race Tract is across Esplanade a few blocks away. That is where Jazz Fest is held each Spring. The St. Louis Cemetert #3 is on the way to the entrance to City Park with plenty of activities.    


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New Orleans Real Estate in Mid City

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Apartments on Esplanade Avenue

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Street Line that runs to City Park

Streetcar Line to City Park and Bayou St. John

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City Park in New Orleans, Oaks and the Spanish Moss

Delgado Museum in City Park

Isaac Delgado Museum of Art in City Park

St. Louis Cemetery #3

St. Louis Cementery #3 on Esplanade Avenue near Bayou St. John

New Orleans Cemetery on Esplanade Avenue