New Orleans Neighborhood of Lakeview and the Lakefront

The Lakeview Neighborhood

Lakeview Real Estate

 New Orleans , 70124

Lakeview in New Orleans

Areas 61 and 69 are the Lakeview Neighborhoods, 70124

Lakeview and City Park

City Park borders Lakeview to the East, So much to do at City Park

Lake Pontchartrain Sea Wall at Lakeview

Laveview in New Orleans

The Northern Border of Lakeview is Lake Pontchartrain

Laakeview Real Estate,New Orleans

   Review of Area 61 Lakeview,New Oreans,70124       


     The homes in Lakeview offer such a variety of styles, ages and sizes. it is hard to find such a variety in almost any city in the Unnited States. Much of this was due to the destruction and flooding during Hurricane Katrina where most of the homes were destroyed. Some people built back with what was left. Most however built new homes to fit what each person wanted. You thus have such a variety.

   The best way to show the variety is through photos I took of some of the more interesting homes, cottages, condos and doubles. The photos below are of homes in Area 61. Large and Small, Old and New. Many have been raised so if another flood does ever come they will be safe.

   Most of the early Lakeview homes are from the early 1950's. Most of the homes will have decent size lots.  All will have off street parking. Good Schools and close to everything you will need.


Lakeview Homes in New Orleans

Lakeview Real Estate, New Orleans Homes

Lakveview Real Estate ,Homes in New Orleans

Newer Construction in Lakeview , Post Katrina

Early Lakeview home in New Orleans

An Early 1960's Brick Ranch Style Home in Lakeview 

New Orleans Real Estate in Lakeview

Raised Lakeview Home with Basement,New Orleans Style

Lakeview Real Estate in New Orleans

Cottage style home in New Orleans Lakeview Neighborhood

Craftsman Style Home in Lakeview, New Orleans

Double in Lakeview in New Orleans

1970's Style Townhome or Double in Lakeview

Lakeview Neighborhood Homes in New Orleans

New Townhomes in Lakeview with large deep yards, Rear Garages

New Home in Lakeview to look Old

Newer New Orleans  Lakeview Home with that Historic Look and Feel 

New Orleans Real Estate in New Orleans

The New Construction with that Historic Cottage Feel of New Orleans

New Homes in Lakeview

Lakeview Homes in New Orleans

A Lakeview Early Home from the 1950's, Redone

Someones Dream Home in Lakeview

The Raised Basement Style, Someone's Dream Home

Lakeview Real Estate in New Orleans

Large Newer Home in Lakeview, Love the Brick, Shutters and Steps

Lakeview Real Estate

A Lakeview Style that someone liked and built for themselves....

Lakeview Real Estate in New Orleans

Raised Cottage with nice front porch in Lakeview

Lakeview Real Estate,Homes and Cottages

Historic look on a newer home in Lakeview.

Historic looking Lakeview HOme in New Orleans

Harrison Avenue in Lakeview, Shopping Area of Lakeview

Velvet Catus on Harrison Avenue

Velvet Catus on Harrison Avenue, Eats and Drinks

Lakeside Shopping Center on Harrison Avenue

Strip Shpping Center in Lakeview, Harrison Avenue

Lakeview Supermarket in Lakeview on Harrison Avenue

Lakeview Grocery on Harrison Avenue

Harrison Avenue in New Orleans

Sidewalks on Harrison Avenue

Historic Whitney Bank Clock on Harrison Avenue in Lakeview

Historic Whitney Bank Clock

Haynes Charter School on Harrison Avenue

Nice Selection of Schools Haynes Charter School, Highly Ranked