New Orleans Condos on the Lakefront in Lakeview.

Lakefront Condos in New Orleans

Lakeview Condos near the Marina

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Lakeview Ral Estate,Homes and Condos

New Orleans Lakefront Real Estate Map

     Most of the condos you will find in Lakeview are going to be on the Lakefront. Most are not going to be very far from the Lakefront and the Marina. There will be several high rise condos on Lake Marina Drive which offer some great vies of the lake and the City of New Orleans. There will be two condo complexes as you cross into Jefferson Parish on Old Hammond Highway. All are within walking distance to many resteraunts and nearby stores. All are an easy commute to downtown New Orleans via West End to I-10.

New Olreans Lakefront Condos

Light House in Lakeview

Light House Harbor,7300 Lakeshore Drive

LightHouse Harbor Condos, New Orleans Lakefront

7300 Lakeshore Drive, Light House Harbor Condos

Peninsula Condos,8654 Pontchartrain Blvd.

8654 Pontchartrain Blvd, Peninsula Condos

232 Lake Marina Drive,Lake Front Condos

232 Lake Marina Drive, The Marseilles Condos 

300 Lake Marina Drive Condos, New Orleans

300 Lake Marina Drive, Marina Towers Condos

318 Lake Marina Drive Condos

318 Lake Marina Drive, Pier Eight Condos

500 Lake Marina Drive Condos

Harborview Condos, 500 Lake Marina Drive  

Mariner's Cove Townhomes in New Orleans

Mariner's Cove Townhomes at the end of Lake Marina Drive

Tara House Condos in Lakeview

Tara House Condos off Robert E Lee in Lakeview, Near Lakeshore Drive

Landrys Seafood iin Lakeview

Landry's Seafood on the Lake Pontchartrain, Lakeshore Drive

Marina Grill at New Orleans Lakefront

Marina Grill across from Marina,Great Breakfast any time of day

City Park is next to Lakeview

Lakefront is not far from City Park

400 Old Hammond Highway,Fleur du lac condos

400 Old Hammond Highway, Fleur du lac in Jefferson Parish

420 Old Hammond Highway,Pontchartrain Place Condos

420 Old Hammon Highway in Jefferson, Pontchartrain Place Condos

Top of Levee in Bucktown Park,New Orleans Lakefront

Top of Levee by Bucktown Park, Walk, Run or Bike 

Bucktown Park in Metairie Lakefront

Bucktown Park and Marina towards Old Hammond Highway

West End Park in Lakeview,New Orleans Lakefront

West End Park in New Orleans, On the Lake

City Park in New Orleans

City Park is not that far away from the Lakefront Area