Historic Bywater Neighborhood in New Orleans, Bywater Real Estate Homes and Condos

Bywater Real Estate, Homes and Condos

Walking the Bywater Neighborhood in New Orleans

Bywater Real Estate in New Orleans

     The Bywater Neighborhood has seen a tremendous amount of changes over the last 50 years. I really notice it.  I went to high school in the area. Few people have lived in this area for that amount of time. So much history. It has more doubles in it than any other neighborhood that I can think of. 


The Bywater is between St. Claude and the Miss. River

Francis T. Nicholls High School

Once known as Francis T. Nicholls Senior High School, 3820 St. Claude Ave.

Bywater Homes, Bywater Real Estate

Bywater Real Estate Can Be Very Colorful

Crescent Park Bridge in Bywater Neighborhood

Crescent Park Bridge to the Mississippi River

Views of the Mississippi River from Byater

Views of Downtown New Orleans from Crescent Park

Bywater doubles in New Orleans

Home to Hundreds of Doubles, Neighborhood of Doubles

Bywater Homes, Many are doubles

Colorful Doubles in the Bywater, New Orleans

Bywater Doubles are like art work

Many Historic Bywater Homes are now like pieces of Colorful Art.

Bywater Service Station

Bywater Service Station recycled into garden center

Bywater Real Estate in New Orleans,A Double

Blue and White Double in Bywater, Nice Landscaping

The Country Club on Louisa Street

The Country Club at 634 Louisa Street, Eat Drink and be Merry

Corner Stores and Bars in Bywater

Corner Grill and Bar...

Royal Street Home in Bywater...

Rare Find on Royal Street in Bywater Neighborhood...

New Homes in the Bywater

New Homes in the Bywater Neighborhood, Rare but there...

The Joint on Mazant in New Orleans Bywater Neighborhood

The Joint, Great Ribs on Mazant Street, Bywater

New Condos in the BYwater on Royal Street

New Condos on Royal Street...

Bywater Church in New Orleans

Church on Dauphine Street...Love the colors...

World War I Monument on Burgundy

World War I Monument on Burgundy Street