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Sharon Macke

"I first met Eric in 2001 when I was looking for house in the Metairie area. He had been referred to me by a friend,, and that referral was a God send! I was a single parent at the time and had never negotiated buying real estate on my own before. Eric's experience,, knowledge of the market,, and expert guidance helped me to find the perfect home for my children. I have used Eric's services twice since that time - once to acquire my office condo and again to sell my mother in law's home. Eric's expert guidance was just as invaluable in bringing both of those transactions to a successful conclusion. If you are in need of a real estate agent in the New Orleans area as either a buyer or seller,, give Eric a call! You won't be disappointed.""

Jay Cullota

"Eric was the listing and selling agent for the last house I bought. I have been a broker myself and in the construction business so I recognize a good agent when I see one. A few years later when I sold it. I called him to list it because he had done such a good job. I listed it on a Thursday,, he put up the sign on Friday and Monday morning the first couple came and looked. That evening the same couple came back and put in an offer,, which I accepted. Eric is a consummate professional and I HIGHLY recommend him for all your real estate needs. Jay C.""

Sandy Davis

"Eric and I attended the same 9th Ward high school together and are Face Book buddies. We both share an interest in photography and last year spent some time walking around the Bayou St. John area of the city taking photographs. Eric is a gentleman,, a professional,, and knows the city and the surrounding areas starting with each delicate detail of it's architecture and every crack in it's sidewalks. He has personally roamed neighborhoods photographing its uniqueness and knows the nuances that only a native New Orleanian would know. If you are looking for a realtor that will share with you the best and not so best of any area of The Big Easy and one who can help you find the right fit for your lifestyle,, then you need Eric,, you'll enjoy 'passing a good time' with him while you search for your new home."

Laura Kamentiz

"My husband and I met Eric Bouler when I was shopping for a condo in the New Orleans French Quarter. I called his phone number from a sign,, and Eric came to meet us within the hour. Eric was/is very knowledgeable about condos in the French Quarter,, and helped us understand the details of owning one. Eric was very patient in showing us the same condos multiple times. He also provided answers for lots questions over the course of a few weeks (we bought not one but two condos from Eric). Eric was quick to respond to emails and phone calls,, even if they were late at night. We both would recommend Eric to anyone who is looking to purchase a condo in the French Quarter,, or looking to purchase real estate in general. Laura & Eliot Kamenitz.""

Rose Fitzhugh Black

"Eric is an expert in New Orleans real estate. For more than nine months Eric helped us in our quest to find the condo of our dreams in the French Quarter! Eric tirelessly showed numerous properties to me during the initial phase. When we found just what we wanted he helped us negotiate with the owner and the title company. As we are not from New Orleans,, we needed honest advice. After the sale,, Eric has made himself available to offer advice on movers and other things. He's great! Eric gave my husband and me an unexpected house warming gift! Our experience with Eric has been qualitative. We learned a lot about New Orleans real estate from him. We highly recommend Eric to anyone who is interested in purchasing a new home in New Orleans.""

Larry Hotz

"I have known Eric for 10 years. He has a stellar reputation among his clients and throughout the New Orleans community.""

Terri Malone

"I wish to thank Eric for taking his time with me and helping me find the right condo downtown in the right place. He knows what the vibe is in this neighborhood and rightfully can be called the Warehouse King.""

Marlon Roviera

"Have known Eric for over 10 years. He has been involved in the buying and selling of my past two NOLA residences. He has become more that my agent. He is a friend to my entire family. He works hard and because of his laid-back attitude,, people like doing business with him. Highly recommended.""

Monic Michel

"Having the pleasure of working with Mr. Eric Bouler while in New Orleans,, Louisiana an witnessing the professional real estate knowledge and abilities he maintaines. A Native of New Orleans and a natural leader in the Metro New Orleans real estate market. Eric Bouler has estabished himself as the go to realtor for questions from many realtors. His ability to captures the essance of his clients needs and produce an outstanding outcome for both buyers and sellers far exceeds his competitive realtors in the Metro New Orleans market. It is with enormous aprciation of his skills that I would recommed Mr. Bouler as your realtor of choice for innovative marketing ideas and tough negotations for buyers to get the best price possible. He will close the deal from both ends.""

Gaeynee Knight

"Im in the process of relocating from the north shore back home to the south shore (looking for a rental first til my house is sold) .. Eric helped me find a rental .. he's a kind,, courteous and patient man (thank goodness .. while I'm in panic mode),, whom took the time out to LISTEN TO MY NEEDS during this transition in my life .. WHEN my home SELLS .. I WILL BE GOING TO HIM for the purchase of my NEW HOME in the near future !! .. If your like me and NEED your MUST HAVES .. go to ERIC,, he truly will find a place that is PERFECT for YOU !! .. I am truly IMPRESSED with EVERYTHING that he has done for me,, ERIC has gone ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty to help me during this process !!""

Susan Prows

"I found Eric through his website after having a lackluster experience with a different realtor in another company. He was responsive,, knew the market,, listened to me and gave me the right advice. When we located the right property he made the purchase and sale happen (even though there was already an offer on the property). It was due to Eric's experience and stature in the NOLA real estate world that I believe that we were successful in getting our fantastic condo at a fair price. He oversaw all of the inspections/reparis/remodelling and act of sale -- while we were in Oregon for the entire process. I did not even lay eyes on the property until I owned it. I trusted Eric's opinions,, feedback and personal photographs to guide me through the process. My husband and I could not be happier and we count Eric as a true friend. If you doubt me,, just take a look at his website and ask yourself if you know of a realtor with more expertise and passion for the New Orleans market."

Anne Beck

"I am a New Orleans real estate agent,, and I got my start here by purchasing two lovely condos at the Cotton Mill from Eric! I lease them out as corporate rentals,, and have since started a business in corporate rentals; however,, I still refer buyers to Eric,, as I feel he has a vast knowledge of the inventory in New Orleans and is always looking out for the best interests of those who are seeking good options in the city. I enjoy working back and forth by referral with Eric,, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a property in New Orleans.""

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